Night Trip is the debut release of the electronic music producer and artist, Genuine. Following the deep house genre, it immerses the listener with deep repetitive vibes, creating a hypnotic and sensational world that surrounds them.

Track List
  • 01. Moments Of Happiness
  • 02. The Good Days
  • 03. Turn the Lights Down
  • 04. Algorithm of Love
  • 05. One Breath Away
  • 06. Humanize
  • 07. Night Trip
  • 08. Half the Distance
  • 09. Lucky Shot
  • 10. Undefined Beauty
Artist Bio

In 1997 Genuine starts as a hip hop music producer and member of a Greek hip hop band, called Deadlock. In the early 00's together with Deadlock they support in concerts Public Enemy, Delinquent Habits, Phi-Life Cypher and other foreign bands. His culture is influenced by many music styles like hip-hop, funk, soul, jazz and artists like Curtis Mayfield, Parliament, Cannonball Adderley, Donald Byrd, Marvin Gaye and Isaac Hayes.

This type of influence was the beginning of defining his music style based on merging different moods and grooves, mixing different types of music and bridging the music between the past, the present and the future. His need for research lead him to the electronic music genres of deep house and drum'n'bass while his main instruments are the keyboards and the bass. You can learn more about on