Pan Aethen (aka Panagiotis Kouvelis) is a music producer and sound designer, specialized in psychoacoustics and interactive audio. He has a long history as a guitar player in metal bands in parallel with his hobby of programming computers to create sound and media. For 2 decades he teaches sound design and audio engineering, but also develops educational courses for colleges and universities.

He is the founder and benevolent dictator of SoundFellas and its divisions. With SoundFellas Immersive Audio Labs, he is leading a team of music producers, sound designers and software engineers, to create production audio assets and audio software tools for the games and film industries. Through SoundFellas Records, he works towards his vision on making the immersive music formats popular to the public. And through SoundFellas Academy, he plans to create an academic environment that will give birth to the audio creators or tomorrow. You can learn more about him at his website